This Is What The Next Motorola Smartwatch Looks Like |

This Is What The Next Motorola Smartwatch Looks Like

The leaked press image comes from @evleaks.


The next generation smartwatch from Motorola refuses to maintain a low profile. If those photographs posted by a user were not enough, press images of the next Moto watch are out thanks to the popular "leakster" @evleaks.

In the tech world, there are leaks and speculations we take with a pinch of salt. And then, there are the ones from @evleaks, which are mostly right on money.

The Moto 360 has been one of the most loved Android smartphone so far. The latest leak confirms early rumours of two dial sizes and a change in the placement of the crown.

Based on the information from GSMArena, the next gen Moto 360 will run on Android 5.1. The watch will have display resolution of 360×360. That's a bump from 320x290 on the original Moto 360. Depending on its dial size, next Moto smartwatch will pack-in 270 mAh or 375 mAh battery.
Looking forward for more details? Well, the watch is expected to be showcased during IFA 2015 later this week.

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