Next Gen Moto 360 Spotted In Chicago |

Next Gen Moto 360 Spotted In Chicago

Motorola's upcoming smartwatch looks slimmer than the original.


The Moto 360 has been one of the most loved Android smartphone so far. Those waiting for its successor rejoice as what appears to be a next generation Moto 360 has been spotted in Chicago.

The images come from a Reddit user. Going by the shots, the watch appears to be slimmer than the original. Those with a good eye can also notice a change in the placement of a button.

According to to the discussion Reddit, the images show two different versions of Motorola's smartwatch. One all black version and another with golden dial and a leather strap.

Based on the information from GSMArena, the next gen Moto 360 will run on Android 5.1. The watch will have display resolution of 360×360. That's a bump from 320x290 on the original Moto 360.

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