Last Day To Fight For Net Neutrality On |

Last Day To Fight For Net Neutrality On

Many comments are against the zero-rated plans and while others emphasize the real definition of Net Neutrality.


While today is the last day to drop your voice on Net Neutrality at, it looks like nearly 72,000 comments on the website are against the zero-rated plans.

Ever since government brought this issue to the public and invited comments on the subject, there are many demands to maintain equality and non-discrimination over the Internet.

We have been witnessing lately that big players like Airtel and Facebook have been trying to bring in their zero-rated platforms where they actually give access to a few websites for free without charging even a penny. But, as many comments suggest in, Internet plays a major role in ensuring that every Indian has a right to freedom of speech.

Many of the comments are against such moves by telecom operators requesting the government to make sure citizens continue to get unhindered access without any prioritisation accorded to any website.

Also, Net Neutrality in the true sense is the actual freedom every citizen gets to actually access everything and anything. Many comments by users are emphasising on this subject matter while others are even blaming the government for planning to take the citizens on a ride.

However, it is worth noting that DoT has already submitted a report on the subject where it has come out against any kind of paid prioritisation in traffic management by the telcos. Regulator TRAI is also preparing a report on the subject, while a Parliamentary Standing Committee is also looking into it.

The government has said that it will take a final view after taking into consideration the findings of the various committees as well as going through the opinions voiced by citizens.

Having said everything, we can just inform that the deadline for dropping your comments is Aug 20 (Thursday) at 5 PM. So, do drop in your voice at

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