Rumour: Apple Is Prepping To Launch The iPhone 6c |

Rumour: Apple Is Prepping To Launch The iPhone 6c

The company will give the colourful iPhones another chance.


It seems that Apple has not given up on its colourful Lumia-esque iPhone c line-up after all. The popular "leakster" Evan Blass (known as evleaks) has tweeted from his account that the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and 6c will arrive concurrently.

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are expected to show-up at Apple's September 9 event. So you can expect the next iPhone c show-up on the same day. And if it does, it will be first time Apple ever launched three phones on a single day.



Many analysts labelled the original iPhone 5c as a flop. Despite not being a hit that many were expecting it to be, the iPhone c sold millions of units. That I think is enough for Tim Cook to take another chance with the colourful iPhones.

GSMArena, speculates that the iPhone 6c may feature a new generation chip from Samsung. The screen will be a 4-inch IPS panel. You can't even rules out the metal body. Looking at the iPods, you can see that Apple is good at the colour anodising process.

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