Play Star Wars: The Old Republic Free For Five Days |

Play Star Wars: The Old Republic Free For Five Days

BioWare's all set to lure you into addiction this Easter.


Excellent news for weekend gamers out there. BioWare has made a very generous Easter offer that gives gamers access to its spanking new Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG for the excellent price of free. The Easter trial doesn't require users to punch in their credit cards details, so there won't be any chance of hidden charges whatsoever. The free trial kicks off today at 1030 hrs IST and ends at 1230 hrs IST on April 9.

The trial offer provides access to all eight worlds of the MMORPG, in addition to PvP Warzones and Flashpoints. Players will, however, be restricted to the character level of 15. On the bright side though, all your effort invested in the trial version will not go to waste because you can always port your trial character to the paid version of the game in case you get addicted. And addiction is inevitable, because like your friendly neighbourhood drug dealer says, "The first one is on the house".

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