Indian Cities To Finally Make It In 3D On Google Earth |

Indian Cities To Finally Make It In 3D On Google Earth

Google is currently in talks with the Home Ministry to get things up and over with.


The Indian Home Ministry is currently in talks with representatives from Google, which wants to feature 3D imagery of the country’s metropolitan areas on its Google Earth service. The talks are still in progress, but word from a Home Ministry official confirms that the government will allow Google to begin its mapping operations.

Its not that Google and the Indian Government are enemies, but our guesses point to the recent terrorist attacks, which is our country seems concerned about.

Google Maps currently offers the most in-depth mapping experience available on mobile devices and the web. Google Earth will take things a step further providing a 3D mode that will let users hover over cities while being able to see 3D (coloured) imagery of building and monuments.

While the service is accessible in India through the Google Earth web app, the mobile app for iOS and Android is currently not available for download. This is for the simple reason, that India is not present on it (at least when it comes to major cities) killing the objective of the app.

Google’s previous attempt with Street View did not see much success. Back then the government was concerned about its citizen’s (and its own) privacy; although Google has strict policies of its own to blur out faces and number plates from its imagery. It was only recently that Google has been allowed to begin capturing Street View imagery, but talks are still in progress for that as well.


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