YouTube Brings 60 Frames Per Second Support To Its Mobile Apps

This higher frame rate is expected to improve 3D viewing, especially in the virtual reality space.


YouTube has now announced that it has brought the 60 frames per second videos to its mobile apps to bring them in line with YouTube on the desktop, Apple TV, PlayStation 3 and PS4.

To recall, YouTube had introduced the ability to play videosin 60 frames per second back in October last year. However, it was limited to the Web.

It is worth noting that you need not have to search for an update or wait to update your YouTube app to experience this feature. Instead, just look for any 60 frames per second video and you can watch it!

So, how this happens without any update? Well, the 60 frames per second support appears to have been turned on via a change on the server end and not in the application settings.

However, sometimes, even though the video supports the new high rate, it may not be playing at that rate. Do not panic. You just have to click on the quality settings option and you will see the option for 720p60 or 1080lp60 listen.

Click on the appropriate one and you are all set to experience the new feature on your mobile devices.

Having said that, it is worth noting that you won't be able to switch back to lower frame rate at high resolutions if you would like to.


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