Do We Need Our Own Google? |

Do We Need Our Own Google?

India certainly has a lot to catch up on.


Google indeed seems to be on everyone’s scanner and the prime minister did mention the search giant in his special way. During the launch of the Digital India campaign, Prime Minister Modi commented: "If Indians can work in Google. Why can't Google be made in India?".

Well, if you ask us it can, its just the tiny bit about Google’s domination as a search engine worldwide that worries us. Ever clicked on Rediff Search lately? India’s best chance at building its own search engine, seems to have headed nowhere and this was years ago.

More so, the Indian government will have to force something like this upon its citizens (who uses Bing Search Or Yahoo Search these days?) if it needs to succeed. This in turn may lead to India turning into a China. A pitch perfect digital network that is now a walled garden; along with the complete eradication of worldwide social media networks (our freedom of speech already seems to be under the scanner).

One thing always leads to another, but yes, PM Modi was quick to comment that the point of his statement was how it was related to his other pet project, ‘Make in India’.

"Just like Make in India is important, design in India is also important. The world recognises India's IT talent,"

Modi certainly wants to retain and use his IT geniuses for the country. Clearly all of this begins, when internet access is provided to every one and even the farmer in a remote village, gets and is educated about accessing the same. Children grow up smarter, and it will help the country develop at a faster rate than ever before.

But wait, all of this is yet to happen, and certainly building a search engine should not be the focus. It is the education of children, one that builds their knowledge and exposure to the internet and the devices that connect us to it, that should be.

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