Digital India Programme Explained |

Digital India Programme Explained

A brief-in about the Digital India programme being launched by Prime Minister On July 1 at 4 PM.


We are all aware about the emphasis being laid by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on National e-governance plan. Accordingly, the much ambitious 'Digital India' programme is scheduled to be launched by the PM Narendra Modi on Wednesday, July 1, in New Delhi at 4 PM.

Having said this, top industrialists and businessmen will be sharing their ideas of taking digital revolution to the masses, while Narendra Modi will present the government's roadmap for digitising the nation.

It definitely looks like the government is taking a big step with the launch of this programme to transform the country into a digitally empowered nation.

Also, during the programme, the Prime Minister is expected to launch the logo of the programme while unveiling various schemes like Digital Locker, e-education and e-health.

The Digital Locker mentioned above will be facilitating citizens to digitally store their important documents like PAN Card, Passport, Mark sheets and degree certificates while it provides secure access to Government issued documents.

Also, the Digital Locker would be providing a dedicated personal space in the cloud to citizens linked to their Aadhaar numbers.

Along with this, the Digital India programme will be including projects that aim at integrating the citizens and the government services electronically to make sure that people get the latest information.

Here is a quick fact sheet about the Digital India programme.

  • The Digital India programme is focused on three key areas - Infrastructure as a utility to every citizen, Governance and services on demand and Digital empowerment of citizens.
  • The programme will focus on providing high speed secure Internet for enabling participation in digital and financial space.
  • The programme will look into Integrating service across departments and jurisdictions making services available in real time for both online and mobile platform.
  • The nine pillars of Digital India programme include: broadband highway, universal access, public Internet access, e-Governance, e-Kranti, information for all, electronics manufacturing, IT for jobs and early harvest program.
  • It has been reported that Information Technology companies have been told to organise a mandatory viewing of the speech to be delivered by PM Modi at the launch of the Digital India Initiative.
  • States like Telangana, Meghalaya, Jharkhand have decided to observe Digital India Week (DIW) from July 1 to July 7.
  • Several event will be held across 36 states and union territories covering 600 districts in the country.
  • The University Grants Commission (UGC) has also directed all varsities and higher education institutes across the country to observe the Digital India Week
  • By 2019, government is aiming to bring broadband in 2.5 lakh villages with universal phone connectivity and 4,00,000 Public Internet Access Points, WiFi in 2.5 lakh schools, universities and public WiFi hotspots for citizens.

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