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Facebook Brings Stickers With New iOS App Update

While the update is now available on iOS, Android users still may have to wait a long time to receive.


Facebook has recently come up with an update to its iOS app which allows users to add text, filters and stickers to the photos they upload.

Adding more on this, the social media giant has announced that the latest update is expected to increase a number of options for users.

The key feature that comes along with this update is that users can add stickers which they have obtained from Facebook's Stickered app while filters and written messages can be added on the images before uploading them.

The new features are expected to take a new place in the user interface and they can be accessed by pressing the new icon in the lower left hand corner of the chosen photo.

Also, it is worth noting that while the latest update is only available for iOS users as of now, it seems a little disappointing to Android device owners. But, they have to wait a little longer for the update to be rolled out to their Android devices.

To recall, Facebook has been trying to take over Snapchat since 2013 but has failed. Ever since then, Facebook might have decided to adopt the app's best features instead.

While first Facebook launched Slingshot which would allow you annotate Snapchat-like images with colourful drawings and text before sending them to friends, it has now brought similar feature to its iOS app allowing users to add text, filters and stickers to photos you upload to your Facebook profiles.

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