Google Hangouts Crosses 1 Billion Downloads On Play Store

Hangouts might have easily crossed the 1 Billion downloads mark with the app being pre-installed on many Android devices.


Google Hangouts has recently crossed 1 Billion downloads on Play Store which has taken it to a new level.

With this new milestone, Google's very own messaging app has joined the elite club of apps that has crossed 1 Billion downloads on the Play Store along with 7 other apps by Google and 3 Facebook apps.

To remind you, recently WhatsApp and Messenger apps from Facebook too crossed the 1 Billion mark.

However, it is worth noting that an app crossing 1 Billion downloads doesn't necessarily mean that it has over a billion users. It just means that the app has been installed on a billion different devices once.

To clear your further doubts, the number of updates and re-installations do not count. But, old devices that are no longer functional do still count.

But, we suspect that the Hangouts app might have crossed the 1 Billion mark pretty easily than other apps as it comes pre-installed with many Android devices.

Having this said, Hangouts is due for a major upgrade to version 4.0 sometime in the near future.


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