Netflix Expected To Make Its Way To India By 2016 |

Netflix Expected To Make Its Way To India By 2016

The company has some old yet interesting shows in store.


Yes, Netflix is coming to India next year. The company according to sources is setting up things on the quiet to get operations up and running for the Indian market.

People familiar with the matter have confirmed that the leading on-demand internet streaming media company will make an entry into India next year. A move that will force DTH players to head back to their drawing boards, because everyone would indeed want to be on Netflix, which should obviously arrive with higher quality video.

According to those very same insiders, Netflix is banking on some old, yet interesting TV shows like, Buniyaad, Nukkad and Malgudi Days along with fresh new content, which it plans to make available.

As for the hardware bits, everything is pretty much already available, from gaming consoles like the Xbox One that lets you use the system for Home entertainment, to smart TVs that already have the necessary chops, but are stuck, thanks the non-availability of services.

In a questionnaire with the times of India a Netflix spokesperson commented, "We have said we plan to be nearly global by the end of 2016. We have nothing else to share at this point,"

While 4G connectivity is slowly making its way to most markets, its standard internet connectivity that seems to be the only roadblock for now. May its time internet speeds play catch up with services for once.


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