Microsoft’s Office Apps Finally Come To Android Smartphones |

Microsoft’s Office Apps Finally Come To Android Smartphones

But there’s a catch.


After a long wait, Microsoft has finally pushed out its Office apps for Android smartphones. The software giant states that it has worked on many of its parts, while in the preview stage and listened to user feedback to perfect the apps.

Word, Excel and PowerPoint are now available on the Play Store to download and basically look and function in a manner that is very similar to the iPhone version of the apps.

Coming from Microsoft, the Office apps come with a big feature set that will cater to power users as well. More so, Microsoft has supposedly worked with a large group of preview users to make third-party storage options available within the apps as well (yes, this includes Google Drive).

There is a catch though. You will need a smartphone that sports at least 1 GB of RAM and Android KitKat to qualify to run these apps. Also you will need an Office 365 subscription to use the advanced features.

Microsoft also reiterated that it has tied up with smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony and LG (to name a few) to push its apps on to consumers.

These apps will clearly add to the bloat, but will certainly help Microsoft find more users and drive users to the “real Office apps” instead of using the plethora of third-party ones available in the Google Play Store.

Source, Download: Word, Excel, PowerPoint


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