Gmail Adds 'Undo Send' Button To Reverse Your Misdirected Emails

While it was available in as early as 2009 via Google Labs, only it has now become public.


Gmail has finally come up with a solution to all your email nightmares, the "undo Send" button.

Yes, Gmail now allows you to retrieve all the misdirected emails by putting a delay on all outgoing messages by at least five seconds.

While this seems to be completely fresh and new, the experimental feature was available for you to install via Google Labs for as early as 2009.

However, it came to public only when Google recognised its need and gave it an upgrade on Monday.

So, adding more on to this, we can say that if you ever send a love letter to your boss instead of your girlfriend, the goof-ups can be reversed using the "Undo Send" button.

To turn it on, click "Settings" under the gear icon, and choose your cancellation time period. Users who had already opted for the function under Google Labs will have their preferences turned on by default.

To sum up, we can tell that while the "Undo Send" button doesn't actually pull back the email from the receiver's inbox, it gives you some precious seconds which you can utilise to actually retrieve the sending of the email.

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