Google Pranks Users With "Gmail Tap" Keyboard

Continues with its tradition of jokes on April Fools' Day.


Google has done it again. The company has yet again pranked its users on April Fools' Day, and this year, it has shown off an innovative keyboard for mobile phones with a few of its alleged engineers acting quite well in a believable video promo for the same. Apparently, Google has invented the Gmail Tap, a touchscreen mobile keyboard with just two buttons to replace the normal QWERTY version, according to its blog post. The humorous video points out at the difficulty experienced by users to type on a full-size keyboard on small mobile screens, especially if the users' fingers are fat. The solution: Morse Code.

It seems that Google is blessed with an engineer named Reed Morse, who happens to be a descendent of Samuel Morse, the inventor of Morse Code. Reed seems to have pitched in the idea of applying his "great grandfather's grandfather's brother's" invention to mobile input. In place of the 26 alphabets, you can now supposedly use only dots and dashes to type everything. In fact, it is mentioned that you can multi-task and double your speed by splitting the screen to have two such keyboards, thus allowing you to chat with two different people simultaneously. In fact, you can type without even looking at the screen. A link has been provided on the informational page to download the app to your smartphone, and you can imagine what happens when you try to do it.

Check out the make-believe video below, in which Google demonstrates its "new keyboard concept":


If you thought that this idea was really original, you might want to take a look at this video:


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