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Dropbox v3.0 Brings New UI Experience

The latest update is expected to bring along Material Design as per the guidelines laid down by Google.


Dropbox Android application has been finally updated to version 3.0 and it seems that the update brings with it Google's Material Design UI elements.

The updated design is being rolled out now to all its Android users.

To recall, Dropbox has been adapting elements from Google's Material Design UI into its application over the last few released.

This means that, we have been considerably experiencing better user interface since the version 2.6 of the application.

Speaking more about the recent update, users are said to find coloured status bars, a hamburger navigation menu and a floating action button along with a flat UI colour scheme.

These updates are said to make the user interface much cleaner and easier to navigate and also the new UI scheme is said to fit right in line with the Material Design language guidelines laid down by Google.

The update has been started to roll out gradually and it should hit your phone over the next few days.

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