Twitter Rolls Out Autoplay Videos |

Twitter Rolls Out Autoplay Videos

The feature autoplays video ads, GIFs and Vines on your timeline while being muted.


Twitter seems to have decided to follow the footsteps of the social media giant Facebook.

The micro-blogging service has introduced a feature which enables videos on your timeline to autoplay which Facebook had introduced back in December 2013.

While this feature seems to advertisers friendly, it may irritate a few who are not ad-friendly users.

However, the feature which has now begun rolling out on iOS and web has an option to be disabled by opening the Twitter app and tapping on the Settings icon. Later, you need to tap on Video autoplay and either select 'Use WiFi only' or 'Never play video automatically' option.

One thing which seems to be a main drawback of this feature if turned on is that it can drain your data plans and also battery life.

All being said, the feature is expected to roll out on Android in near future. However, for now, there seems to be no much news about it.

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