Narendra Modi Android App Wants To Access Your Twitter Direct Messages

This could be a case of some lazy app developers copy-pasting permissions from somewhere else.


Just as we wrote about the Narendra Modi app which is mainly said to focus on improving the communication between the Prime Minister and the people of the country, there seems to be an outbreak by a Reddit India user.

The Narendra Modi app actually asks its users to sign up before using the app and users can login using Facbook, Google+ and Twitter credentials just the way how many other apps in Android do.

However, a Reddit India user seems to have found out that if a person chooses to login using Twitter account, he would end up eventually giving access to his direct messages.

He has also claimed that the welcome screen seems to be very good, while the sign-in page has no option to create a new account with just an email.

It does look a little suspicious as to why would an app which is mainly focused to send you news updates want to see your Twitter direct messages.

However, before blaming on the country's Prime Minister's Office, we have a feeling that it could just be the case of lazy app developers copy-pasting permission from somewhere else.


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