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Opera Launches Data Saving App 'Max' In India

Opera Max is claimed to save at least 50 per cent of your data plan.


Popular mobile browsing app Opera has always been known for the lesser data it consumes.

However, Opera has recently come up with a data management and data savings apps that actually shrinks videos and photos on almost any app on mobile data connections as well as WiFi.

It seems that Opera has understood the price-sensitive market and 3G data rates still being high, the launch of Opera Max might be answer in giving users a smoother experience.

According to the company, the new app can condense a 10 MB video down to 3 MB and significantly reduce instances of video buffering without any noticeable loss of quality.

However, besides this, Opera Max is expected to give its users real time daily and monthly data usage statistics along with tracking Internet use app-by-app and blocking them if it thinks it is not necessary at the moment.

Technically, the app actually works by condensing and rerouting the data using Virtual Price Network or VPN to Opera's servers. All non-encrypted data requests from websites and apps using HTTP connections are sent to Opera's compression servers, which then would shrink the size of images and videos.

The private data using HTTPS connection go straight to the end users without being interfered in between by Opera browsers.

The Opera Max app weighs 5.5MB, requires Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later OS versions to run, and is available via Google Play.


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