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Xiaomi Launches New Mi Wi-Fi Router

The Wi-Fi router is said to come with storage disk of both 1 TB and 6 TB capacities.


Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has recently launched a Wi-Fi Router with 6TB Storage dubbed as the Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi.

The new Wi-Fi Router is said to deliver high-speed connectivity and at the same time, the device is capable of storage data up to 6 TB.

Speaking about the technical specifications, the router supports 802.11 ac standard and is powered by a dual-core 1.4 GHz Broadcom  4709c processor along with a 512 MB of RAM.

Along with this, the company has also launched another variant of the same device with 1 TB hard disk stacked on top allowing users to store movies and photos.

However, while the price details are concerned, the device is likely a little pricey with Rs 7,195 price tag for the 1 TB version and Rs 30,872 for the 6 TB variant.

Going in depth about the storage disk mounted, it is said that the router also has the ability to back up images from cameras or smartphones and store them.

While the new Mi Wi-Fi Router is said to be open for sale on Xiaomi's website on June 18, it is still not known about the availability options in the Indian market.

Apart from the Wi-Fi Router, the Wednesday event held at Beijing also witness the launch of other smart devices like i-Youth Smart Air Conditioner and Yeelight Bedside Lamp, both of which are said to controllable via smartphone.

It looks like Xiaomi is further cementing its entry into the 'Internet of Things' market by launching these smart products useful on a daily basis at home and work places.

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