Google Comes Up With Android Pay Which Works Similar To Apple Pay

Android Pay is said to be the enhanced version of the Google Wallet.


To match this era where people use digital money more, Google has unveiled a new digital wallet which it has named as 'Android Pay'.

The Android Pay is a service which we can consider as an enhanced version of Google Wallet and is quite similar to Apple Pay which arrived on the latest Apple iPhones.

It is being said that, with the new smartphone tool by Google, users can now instantly pay for stuff not only in real world stores, but inside mobile apps on Android based phones themselves.

While it is almost similar to Google Wallet, the new Android Pay also works by holding the phone to a terminal equipped with near field communication or NFC technology.

However, it is worth noting that the Google Wallet's reach was limited enough and was overshadowed by the launch of Apple Pay.

To add in more, the new app shall be available on future Android phones as well as Google Play app store.

Just like Apple Pay, big companies such as McDonald's and BestBuy have signed up to accept payments from Android Pay.

However, since Apple has already made its stand in the segment, it seems to be a little difficult for Google to make sure it plays safe. Yet, for Android users, this is definitely a great news.


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