Google Now Lets You Open Search Results Via iOS Apps

Works in a pretty-much limited manner for now.


Google has rolled out its cool feature of opening search results into apps (App indexing) for iOS starting today.

Search queries that show up in search results like restaurants will open up in related apps instead of heading to the company’s website.

This is a good thing and like we reported earlier, works better for mobile.

App indexing which was introduced for Android and will drive users to the service’s corresponding mobile apps instead of their respective web pages.

For e.g. if you look up a restaurant in Google Search. You will find results showing up with a Zomato app link with the restaurant below and the words “Open in App” if you have the app installed. Upon clicking you will be taken straight to the listing inside the app and you can continue browsing from there.

If you do not have the app, (at least on the Android front) the link will take you to the Google Play Store and let you download it first.

In the world of iOS, the rules have not been laid out by Google just yet; but we do know of some limitations. The whole App Indexing for iOS works only if the user is searching via the Google Search App for iOS or via Google’s Chrome Browser App. Anything else and these results will not show up.

Moreover, App Indexing for iOS is rolling out gradually. This means it will be a couple of weeks (or months) before you will see iOS app options showing up in your search results.

Google will be holding a special session at Google I/O 2015 (starts tonight for India) on the same topic for iOS developers, as there is a process in place to get their apps to show up in search results.


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