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Apple Responds To iOS Text Messaging Bug

Said that it is caused by a specific set of Unicode characters.


Apple has responded to the this new text messaging bug that has begun annoying some of its users after they receive it with a certain string of text. The bug is pretty straightforward in nature and will only hinder your messaging experience and nothing else. Apple has confirmed the issue and is currently working on a software fix.

Upon receiving this particular message, a user will not be able to access the Messages app as it continuously keeps crashing upon execution. And its not just that. If you happen to be on the lock screen when the message arrives, it will reboot your iPhone with no warning.

Indeed, there have been such bugs in the past. But with iPhone users using the Messages app for iMessages (more than SMS or WhatsApp), it does become increasingly frustrating.

But Apple is working on the issue so it seems. The Cupertino giant has acknowledged the issue the following statement,

“We are aware of an iMessage issue caused by a specific series of Unicode characters and we will make a fix available in a software update.”

So iPhone users can expect a software update showing up shortly, until then, there are a few ways with which one can remedy the issue:

  • You either ask Siri to send yourself a text message which remedies the situation
  • Else you could “kindly” as your friend (who hopefully pranked you) to send you another message so that it overrides the previously sent string
  • Some suggest sending a photo to any contact via the Photos app, that grants access to message history where one can delete the problematic message

One has to note that the message can not necessarily come from an iPhone, but also from an Android device; and will in all probability be sent on purpose as this is not a virus.

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