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WhatsApp Helps Fight Crime In Ahmedabad

Police turns to citizen reporters to find stolen vehicles.


The world’s favourite messenger, WhatsApp has finally been put to some good use in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The local Police seems to have put the application to good use, by giving out a number where citizens can report abandoned vehicles.

Abandoned vehicles which lie on the roadside that seemed to have appeared from nowhere could actually be stolen vehicles or those related to a crime.

Citizens can report a vehicle that they have discovered to be lying on the street corner for days, by sending a message with its address and image to the police on 9924511023.

Stolen vehicles could not necessarily be from the same state, as vehicles stolen in one state are often taken to the neighbouring one or even further to avoid being under the radar.

According to the police, one can avoid the lengthy procedure of reporting the same at the local police station. This not only makes it convenient to get the vehicles reported, but also helps the police find stolen vehicles, or crimes related to those vehicles, faster. This in turn solves cases quickly and can even save a life if the trail is still hot.

And things move at a pretty quick pace from there on as the police have their own software and mobile applications in place to begin the trace while on the move.

"We have Eklavya software which connects us to the RTO database with a mobile phone application developed by city crime branch. The check will give us the owner's name, address and other details to verify whether the vehicle is abandoned or stolen. If the vehicle is found to be from another area, police stations will be asked if it was reported missing or stolen," said an official.

Bipin Ahire, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Zone I, launched a WhatsApp number (9924511023) on Monday and citizens of Ahmedabad can now begin reporting suspicious two-wheelers and four wheelers to the police.


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