Apple iOS 9 To Come With New Security Features |

Apple iOS 9 To Come With New Security Features

The new iOS is likely to support older iPhones including 4S.


Apple is reportedly planning to bring new security and music features to its iPhone including the older ones like 4s with its new iOS 9.

Apple iOS 9 being the latest mobile operating system by the company is expected to come with some great home automation.

Also, to remind you, Apple is bringing the split-screen support for the first time, though it can be remembered that rumours were surfacing since quite a long time.

According to 9to5mac, it is first time in several years that Apple is changing up its annual iOS and OS X upgrade cycle by limiting new feature additions in favour of a big focus on quality and security.

Earlier code-named as "Monarch", the new iOS 9 is said to come with heavy under-the-hood optimizations.

Some of the known security upgrades that the new iOS is expected to bring with it are Rootless, iCloud Drive and Trusted WiFi.

While rootless is a huge kernel-level feature to prevent malware, increase the safety of extensions and preserve the security of sensitive data, the iCloud Drive will convert many of its core applications to an iCloud Drive back end making its syncing apps more secured.

The rootless security feature by the company is said to be a huge blow to the jailbreak community on iOS and also, the Trusted WiFi which is believed to be still under development would be allowing Macs and iOS devices to connect to authorised wireless routers without additional security measures.

However, with all these being said, the new iOS 9 is believed to bring with it some good news for iPhone 4S and iPad Mini by optimising the new OS to the older devices too.


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