Layout From Instagram Finally Arrives On Android |

Layout From Instagram Finally Arrives On Android

Similar to the iOS version in every possible way.


Seems like Instagram finally decided to let out its latest creation, Layout for the Android platform. While the iOS app was out about two months ago, we have no clue what took them so long, because it seems like the exact same thing.

Still then, Android users will be treated to an easy to use UI that makes building collages of your friends and family a simple task.

What’s more is that it is pretty flexible and will give you a number of layouts to work with, even though there seem to be no frames (yet) to separate one photograph from another. More importantly, the app will allow you to quickly select the images you need by using the faces tab.

Either ways, you get an easy to use app to build collages along with a handy Photo Booth features that will click images in quick succession.

There is no sign up process involved as well and you share your images from the app directly.

Name: Layout from Instagram
Developer: Instagram, Inc.
Platform: Android
Size: 1.8 MB
Download: Play Store


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