Google Updates Its Gmail Login Page |

Google Updates Its Gmail Login Page

Now, you enter the email address and password in two different sign-in pages.


Google has quietly updated its login screen for Gmail this week which it claims to prepare for "future authentication systems that complement passwords".

The new login page now only asks you to enter your email address instead of asking for both email address and password as before.

Once you enter the username, you need to click Next to enter your password and Google might show your name and your Google+ profile photo.

The display of the profile picture and full name is said to be making sign-in easier and more personal.

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This was authentically announced when Jordan, Gmail Community Manager came over to the company forums and put up a thread with the latest updates and the company's intentions.

While this seems to be a bit more secured in many ways, it has not made everyone happy though. Some seems to be complaining in the Google Forum thread about this change which is actually slowing them down while others are pointing out that the update has broken their ability to log in using various password managers.

However, according to Google, this new sign-in flow will provide the following advantages:

  • Preparation for future authentication solutions that complement passwords.
  • Reduced confusion among people who have multiple Google accounts.
  • A better experience for SAML SSO users, such as university students or corporate users that sign in with a different identity provider than Google.


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