Flickr Re-Designs Its Web And Mobile Apps, Makes Everything Upload-Friendly |

Flickr Re-Designs Its Web And Mobile Apps, Makes Everything Upload-Friendly

In short it wants you to upload images across devices to its website.


Flickr has suddenly overhauled its entire UI, this encompasses the website, desktop and mobile. Bringing in the same, the photo-sharing website also introduced a new tool for uploads called Flickr Uploadr. In short, it allows users to upload all stored photographs, across devices and platforms to your Flickr account.

Firstly, there is a complete redesign of its mobile apps. This also includes apps for tablets on both Android and iOS (still no mention of Windows Phone). All of them get a complete UI overhaul and the new Uploadr tool has been built-in to make things easier.

As for Flickr Uploadr it is available for Mac and Windows platforms and allows you to draw images from wherever you have stored them.

This would include those on your computer, including your hard drive, iPhoto, and it even includes external drives. The images get uploaded automatically and will be arranged in folders online and more importantly, marked as ‘Private’ by default.

Once you have uploaded all those photographs, Flickr Camera Roll steps in. The new tool makes organising that 1 TB of images a lot easier along with the ability to edit and upload them in batches.

But its not only about uploads. Flickr has even baked in a new bulk download feature that will let you pick and select images and folders and download them into handy .zip files.

Clearly, Flickr’s focus with the whole UI update is to make uploading photos easier and almost automatic. Search was also another priority and it has been refined to include filters like colour, size and even orientation.

The unified search has even gotten smarter thanks to advanced search algorithms that deliver quality results (or logical ones) instead of just keyword tags. Also added was image recognition capabilities that find images without tags or labels, this is pretty interesting.


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