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Facebook Bringing In Changes To Its News Feed

The priority is now more towards what your friends are up to rather than the pages.


After constantly receiving feed backs from its users, Facebook has finally revealed that it is reconfiguring its News Feed.

With this latest move, the social media giant is looking forward to provide people with more accurate information, especially among the friends you really care about.

According to a recent blog post by Facebook, the update will likely bring in content posted directly by the friends you really care about high up in the News Feed so you are less likely to miss it. The content can be anything like photos, videos, status updates or links.

So, Facebook will be pushing down items such as commentary on a news story or another person's post.

This update is also believed to improve the experience of people who don't have many content in their News Feed.

However, if you are owning a page in Facebook, these changes could impact the referral traffic. But, Facebook has suggested that one must continue to post things that people find meaningful.

But, we feel that with this latest update, the post reach and referral traffic of some pages might decline a little.

So, if yours decline, we recommend you to consider some of the best practices to drive referral traffic.


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