New Aluminium-ion Battery May Be The Future |

New Aluminium-ion Battery May Be The Future

Researchers at Stanford claim that the new battery would take 60 seconds to charge iPhone completely.


Smartphones have become a part of our lives nowadays with everyone having one in their hands.

The journey of mobile phones from feature phones to smartphones and from small screens to big screens to phones, phablets and tablets has been simply great, except for the battery life.

The only threat that almost every smartphone user faces is that the battery getting dried up soon.

No matter how power efficient the hardware gets, manufacturers end up using all of it and more for improved displays, faster performance and more features.



But, now, it seems that, a few scientists at Sanford University might have come up with an ultra-fast charging aluminium battery that could be produced on a large scale.

It is a bit surprising to know that we are talking about as fast as 60 seconds!

In a statement provided by Stanford University, it is clearly mentioned that they have developed a rechargeable aluminium battery that may replace the existing storage devices such as alkaline batteries which are bad for the environment, and lithium-ion batteries, which occasionally burst into flames.

It is also worth noting that the scientists at Stanford claim that their new battery will not be catching fire, even if you would drill through it.

The new battery being developed at Stanford is likely to be inexpensive, not flammable and could potentially have high capacities.

In the video above, Stanford graduate student Ming Gong and postdoctoral scholar Yingpeng Wu demonstrate how the new technology could offer a safe alternative to lithium-ion and other batteries in wide use today.

However, the only problem, the researchers might face is to develop the right materials that could repeatedly product sufficient voltage after multiple cycles of charging and discharging.


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