Viber To Support Android Wear |

Viber To Support Android Wear

Users can enjoy almost every feature of Viber except that incoming calls cannot be answered as of now.


Popular instant messaging and Voice Over IP app Viber has finally come up with an update supporting the Android Wear devices.

The latest version 5.3 has got some new features to improve the user's experience.

Through the Android smartwatch, users can receive text messages and reply using speech-to-text option, available in all languages that Google supports for speech-to-text feature.

Also, the company is boasting about the stickers, photos and doodles that come resized to fit the small device screen.

However, as of now, incoming calls cannot be answered through Android Wear devices, but we can surely expect feature pretty soon.

Also, the latest version provides names and photos of the user who is interacting even if he/she is not saved in the contact list.

The latest update for Android also has some animated stickers and allows users to browse through celebrity conversations and go behind the scenes with music, film, fashion, sports or whatever else they like.


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