Cyanogen Smartphone Without Google Services In The Works |

Cyanogen Smartphone Without Google Services In The Works

Cyanogen and BLU planning to preload apps other than those of Google's in a smartphone to be launch later this year.


As a bizarre step, Cyanogen has recently confirm that it will launch a BLU-made smartphone later this year without any of the Google services.

Yes! It will be a "Google-less Android mobile phone" which the company seems to be dreaming of from quite some time.

However, for users to download Android apps, the smartphone will probably come preloaded with Amazon's Appstore for Android instead of Google Play and also we can predict that the default mobile browser would likely be Opera instead of Chrome.

Also, we believe that the apps that might be coming preloaded on the BLU-made Cyanogen phone are Nokia's Here maps, Spotify as the music app, Dropbox and OneDrive for cloud storage.

There are news that the company would also push away the Google's voice search and bring in Microsoft's Cortana while Bing would be replacing the normal Google Search.

These seems to be a great step to be taken by the company as we still are not sure how the users would receive these many changes in their Android smartphone.

However, the company is boasting that when these others apps are deeply integrated into the phone, they will perform better than the Google apps.

For those who do not know, BLU is an American company that has launched few mid-range Android smartphones which are available via Best Buy and other big retailers in the country.

It is also worth remembering that the company had recently announced that it raised $110 million (approximately Rs 684 Crore) in overall funding that involved industry heavyweights such as Twitter, Qualcomm, Telefonica, Rupert Murdoch as well as India-based Premji Invest.

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