Gmail Will Soon Let You Pay Bills Straight From Your Inbox |

Gmail Will Soon Let You Pay Bills Straight From Your Inbox

Google will get to know you a lot better.


A lot of us do receive our bills in our email these days. Then comes the process of switching between tabs to head to the billing website and getting our bills paid, not to mention the painfully annoying process that banks (local ones) will put you through thanks to their “professionally” built websites.

Dubbed as the Pony Express, Google is indeed planning to do something about this. Re/code has got knowledge about a project that Google seems to be working on and this has to do with the payment of bills.

The only difference here is that you will be able to make those payments directly from your Gmail inbox, or the place that you first see them.

As per the report, you will have to sign up for the service and go through a step-by-step authentication process. Post that things will get simpler.

Clearly, its not that Google does not know enough about its users. As an Android user’s credit card details will already be present in their Google Wallet accounts.

So Google will just get to know you better (more personal data) in return for the service. The source does state that data will need to be handed over to a third-party company for identity verification.

Post that its smooth sailing for users and Google will even let you share your bills with other Gmail subscribers, which is indeed a plus.

As of now we think it applies more to the American market, but don’t be shocked if the service gets announced globally as well.


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