Now You Can Find Your Lost Phone With Android Wear |

Now You Can Find Your Lost Phone With Android Wear

All you need to do is to just say "OK, Google. Start. Find my phone" and your phone will ring at full volume.


Many of us are very well aware of the Android Device Manager which was introduced in 2013 as a website and app for finding lost phones and tablets.

But, now, Google seems to have taken this a step further. The feature has been updated and made available on its Android Wear.

The company is boasting about the ease in which users can find their smartphones.

According to a recent blogpost on the official Google Blog, users just need to say 'OK, Google. Start. Find my Phone' and immediately the feature will run.

However, users can also select 'Find my Phone' option in the Start menu,

It is learnt that immediately the phone will ring at full volume and the user will be much closer in finding the phone.

The best part of this update is that there is no need to enable it. It is reportedly being rolled out to all Android Wear devices over the new few weeks.

However, we strongly feel that since Android Wear is still very new, we can't expect this feature to be useful to every Android smartphone user.

Yet, for hardcore Android users who owns both a smartphone and a smartwatch, this is a feature you would really love to be familiar with.


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