Microsoft's Cortana Making Its Way to Android and iOS |

Microsoft's Cortana Making Its Way to Android and iOS

The virutal assistant app by Microsoft will be a direct contender for the Apple's Siri and Google Now.


Microsoft's virtual assistant, Cortana, is now making its way to Google Android and Apple iOS.

All set to compete with Siri, Cortana would be a standalone app available in the Google Play markertplace and Apple App Store. It is reported to be working as it already does on Windows Phone.

With the ability to read and understand email, Cortana is believed to be working on a more advanced version of the virtual assistant app.

Microsoft is boasting about the features of Cortana which the company believes to be a step further and an answer to Apple's Siri.

It is believed that, while Apple's Siri is designed to answer queries such as finding directions to a destination, or to handle tasks like setting up a reminder or calendar event, Cortana can do that plus provide notifications and updates where applicable.

So in the event you have a flight on your calendar, Cortana will alert you when to leave for the airport.

While Siri is exclusive to iOS and Google Now available only on Android, Microsoft's Cortana will be available on almost all operating systems including Windows, Android and iOS.

However, since Cortana is a direct competitor for Siri and Google Now, we have a strong feeling that Microsoft may face some issues when it comes to be published on the App Store and Google Play.

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