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Facebook Targets Mobile Users With Accelerator Program

Aimed at monetizing the large number of mobile users in high-growth markets


The high-growth markets are targeted by all. Going by this Facebook launched ‘Creative Accelerator,’ a program that will help advertisers develop mobile-ad campaigns.

The social media has been making attempts to monetize the platform and this is yet another one. This idea takes birth from the mobile first approach, which is likely to define the future of these mediums.

This new program allows brands reach consumers on mobile phones and is being launched in five countries including India, South Africa, Kenya, Turkey and Indonesia.

India will be right up on Facebook’s wishlist, since it houses 935.3 milllion mobile phone users. Along with this most of the first-time FB do it through their mobiles.

India currently has 935.3 million mobile phone users. Facebook believes it is time to take the mobile device even more seriously.

“There are many people who have discovered Facebook on mobile first and this made us realise that if we are not creating stories for mobile-first and mobile-only consumers, we will miss out on a large section of consumers,” said Mark D’Arcy, chief creative officer, Facebook Creative Shop on Financial Express.

Facebook has already signed seven brands for the programme including Durex, Nestle Everyday Whitener, Axe, Samsung, Lifebuoy, Coca-Cola and Virgin Mobile.

In July last year, Facebook had started testing a new type of ad unit. It allowed users to place a missed call to an advertiser by clicking on an ad on their mobile phone. In return, users get access to additional content like cricket scores and celebrity messages among others. This content will provided with no additional airtime or data charges and will be ad-supported.

The Facebook has been sending out targeted in the recent times and is looking to make it even more efficient. It even talked about offering state-level targeting to the Indian advertisers.

On a whole in an attempt to lure advertisers and users click on the ads, the companies are venturing out into the new unexplored arenas. 

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