Lumia Denim Update To Roll Out In India Soon |

Lumia Denim Update To Roll Out In India Soon

Microsoft is expecting to roll out the Lumia Denim update in March to its Lumia 925 in India soon after T-Mobile's rollout in USA.


Microsoft has finally released its latest Windows Phone update, the Lumia Denim across many countries including India.

The Lumia Denim has been made specifically for Lumia smartphones and the company is boasting about the availability of the update to its Nokia Lumia 925 smartphones through official channels of various carriers.

For now, the updates are being rolled out through T-Mobile in USA and Microsoft is soon on its way to deploy the update in as many countries as possible with India in March.

Coming to the features of the update, the Denim actually bumps the software version to 3051.50009.1451.0018 and brings along features like the ability to shoot 4K video as well as faster camera start-up and shutter speeds.

Lumia Denim update is roughly around 530MB in size and Nokia Lumia 925 users will be receiving notifications to update to the latest software version, Windows Phone 8.1.

There's an important thing Lumia 925 users should take care of. In order to update your Lumia successfully, please make sure you have at least 1GB of free storage available.

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