Huawei Shows Off World’s First LTE-M Wearable

Connectivity taken to the extremes indeed.


Huawei held an event in London and the big announcement apart from the 4.5 G network technology was clearly the world’s first LTE-M wearable, dubbed the 4.5 G Smartband. The company refused to give out too many details, including the design of the actual smart band, but we can be pretty sure that Huawei is betting big on 4.5 G wireless technology.

The event indeed held a surprise and while many were taken aback to see the connected 4.5 G Smartband, Huawei’s focus was indeed locked on to the 4.5 G network.

Network strengths aside, the 4.5 G Smartband is expected to pack in a 1.4 inch OLED display, an NFC chip, Bluetooth along with water and dust resistance.

The device utilizes an LTE-M chipset developed by NEUL (a company that Huawei acquired recently) and makes IoT (Internet of Things) connected devices a lot more efficient such as connected thermostats and energy readers.

The company’s focus was on pushing 4.5 G networks and it showed off its benefits that include “100K per cell connections via LTE-M, 100 times that of 4G” which is pretty impressive. Clearly what is left to be seen is adoption, which Huawei is pretty sure will work, thanks to the 1 Gbps data bandwidth when networks are rolled out.


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