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Zomato Bets Rs 300 Crore On Its Food Delivery Business

Will commence services with a limited number of restaurant chains.


After conquering the food search business in India and abroad, Zomato now has its eyes set on the food delivery business. The company that recently raised around USD 113 million over multiple rounds of funding is now betting on its much-awaited food delivery service, an industry that it estimates is valued at over Rs 86,000 crore in India.

The food delivery service will start with India spanning over 2000 restaurants in the first run. Zomato plans to extend its services in the next six month’s by adding over 10,000 more establishments to its delivery list.

Putting the massive plan into action will be Gurgaon-based PayU that will handle payment gateway transactions for Zomato.

All of this news comes just days after food delivery service FoodPanda gobbled up a number of players in the online food delivery industry. So this is indeed Zomato trying to step into the game before its too late.

Zomato customers will indeed be more than happy to get their meals delivered via the same app thanks to the company’s flawless restaurant records.

The company’s food delivery service will be available in Dubai, Manila, Jakarta, and Sydney after the Indian launch in mid-March.


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