Office 2016 Technical Preview Can Now Be Downloaded

You will have to commit to a NDA first.


Office 2016 is indeed going to be big. So big that Microsoft is going to take its own sweet time till we get to see the release somewhere by the end of the year. So you as a user will have to wait for a really long time.

As of now only a limited private beta group of users have access to the same. But there is some good news indeed. There is apparently a way to get access to the technical preview of Office 2016. The process is a bit dicey but at least you get to give it a shot.

To get access, simply hit the source link below, sign on the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) where you will be taken to a long list of tests taking place. Simply click on the January technical preview and download.

If you ask us, it does look good. The new dark theme is impressive, but the same can be said about the virtual assistant. Cortana may make an appearance in some time as well.

So if you simply cannot wait for Microsoft to release the final product. Click on the link and if you are lucky (you will need a valid email ID and more) you can have a go at it.

As of now only the new touch-based Office apps for Windows 10 Preview users is currently, openly, available.

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