SwiftKey For iOS Gets An Update; Adds Emoji Predictions And More

Indeed makes for a better keyboard alternative than the current iOS 8 option from Apple.


SwiftKey has launched another update for its iOS 8 keyboard app. This one is a bit big, as the third-party keyboard finally gets emoji predictions and its very own emoji icon set as well.

But there’s more. The team has added 11 new languages along with SwiftKey Flow for the iPad so you no longer need to type.

One thing to keep in mind is that unlike the Windows Phone emoji predictions that are pre-defined, you will have to teach your SwiftKey keyboard, which emoji icon is to be used when.

You do this by simply utilizing the right emoji icons when you type and “gradually”, the app learns and suggestions begin to pop-up. This is a bit taxing as we easily got frustrated and didn’t care about the feature after a couple of hours of use.

There are new click sounds for the keyboard and if you were wondering, no, there are no new themes to choose from.

As of now SwiftKey is the only free and functional third-party keyboard alternative on iOS.


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