Google’s Search Results To Soon Show Tweets From Twitter Users

Brings back memories about how things had turned sour when Google launched Google Plus.


Google seems to have finally given in to Twitter’s requests to include tweets in the search giant’s search results. Bloomberg reports that the deal has gone through and that both companies will supposedly make the feature active, once again, by H1 2015.

If you recall, Google used to offer the same a few years ago. However, the search giant stopped displaying tweets form the social network, when it announced its own called Google Plus.

Somehow it seems that Google Plus has achieved its targets for now, and Google now seems to be open to delivering tweets from users depending on the keywords typed in.

Still then, we are pretty sure that Google benefits in more ways that one, with such a deal. Insiders state that Google has not even put its advertising revenue on the table with the deal.

Twitter on the other hand will be more than happy to see its tweets reach out to more users.

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