Twitter Ties Up With Bing To Offer Translated Tweets

Sadly its available on every platform apart from Windows.


Twitter had now joined hands with Microsoft to offer translated tweets for all. Yes, users can now view multiple translated tweets on their timeline without the need to paste it elsewhere to get a translation.

Twitter has pulled this off thanks to Microsoft’s Bing Translation engine. While Bing’s translation page looks rudimentary, it indeed offers the best translations around. So it makes perfect sense that Twitter looks at Microsoft instead of Google to get about the same problem.

Twitter currently supports 40 languages. Users who need to use the feature can simply turn it on, by heading to Twitter account> Account Settings> and then check the box next to Show translation.

Once turned on, all you have to do is click on the “globe icon” next to foreign language tweet to make it appear in the selected language. While all of them may not be perfectly accurate, we can be sure that they will be somewhere close to the point at least.

The feature is now live for iOS, Android and even on Tweetdeck. Sadly though, there seems to be no news for Windows Phone users just yet.


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