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Facebook Messenger Testing Out Voice Transcription Feature

While we are afraid of the results, it may not turn out to be as bad as we expect it to be.


It was just a few days ago that Facebook acquired Wit.ai a company that specialises in voice recognition and natural language processing algorithms that can be used for a variety of products. While we were clueless back then, we now know why that happened.

David Marcus of Facebook’s messaging team recently put up a post on Facebook with a screenshot of Facebook Messenger for iOS showing a new feature dubbed as chat transcriptions. This happens almost immediately and works as simply as voice recording, meaning that the message goes from voice to text in an instant.

While you are thinking that this will turn out to be a disaster, we are pretty sure it won’t. This is because the company plans to use the same for short messages and not long transcripts. Its a chat message for crying out loud, not a speech.

Facebook is testing the feature on a tiny scale and that is for good reason. We rather have accurate voice messages right now compared to inaccurate transcriptions that will surely lead to some badly interpreted messages on a large scale.

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