Google's Classroom App Will Let You Share Assignments On The Go |

Google's Classroom App Will Let You Share Assignments On The Go

While such systems will not be recieved too well in India, it sure is a sign of things to come.


Google Classroom was designed to remove paper from the work flow of students and teachers. The desktop app was launched early last year and certainly changed the way teachers track and stay in touch with their students.

Well, Google now decided to take things a step further as the search giant today announced the launch of its Google Classroom mobile app that allows students to do a lot more and spend less time delivering it.

The service was earlier designed to reduce the gap between students, homework and teachers by delivering a tool that would help create/organize assignments, give feedback and allow for communication in real time.

The new app again works with Google’s other services such as Drive and even allow you to share content from other apps to Google Classroom. This makes it even easier to submit your assignments, weather it is a doodle, a video or some spreadsheets. It will even allow you to click an image to submit homework or draw a doodle to share ideas quickly.

Everything does sound pretty exciting and many abroad have adopted the same. As of now Google has launched the app for Android and iOS platforms only.


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