Google Maps For iOS Gets A Feature-Loaded Update |

Google Maps For iOS Gets A Feature-Loaded Update

Apple on the other hand seems to have given up on iOS Maps.


Google seems to be working twice as hard (or more) on its Maps app for iOS compared to Apple these days. The search giant rolled out an update today, that apart from the usual bug fixes, adds some really helpful features that make iOS Maps look pre-historic.

While you could always search for restaurants on Google Maps you can now filter those searches by cuisine type. Indeed a very handy feature that until now was limited to Zomato for iOS users.

Next up we get weather information for cities around the world. Just drop a pin and you will get weather information about the place you are planning to travel to. This of course is limited to the availability of the same information, but most major cities and towns are covered. Since we are talking about travel, Google now allows you add those transit directions straight to your Calendar which is pretty interesting.

More importantly, the new Maps update, lets users pick a starting and destination point when it comes to directions and navigation.

On the other hand Apple seems to have given up on Maps with very little mention at any event about improving the same.


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