Google Hangouts Update For iOS Brings It On Par With Android |

Google Hangouts Update For iOS Brings It On Par With Android

Adds a ton of new features that can easily make it a competitor to WhatsApp.


Today, WhatsApp is the messaging platform everyone is after. The platform keeps adding a healthy number of users every quarter, which is why everyone else who is into messaging wants WhatsApp’s head on a platter and is stepping up to develop better ideas of their own.

One of these messaging platforms in none other than Google’s very own Hangouts. The company updated its Android app a month ago and made it a lot smarter (hey, it already supported gifs) and added stickers to attract users from other platforms as well. The search giant even has an app for your PC so that you can continue chatting from one device to another. With so much work going on under the hood, it was pretty obvious that Google would update the Hangouts app for iOS as well. After a long break Google’s team has done just that.

The new update that is available on the App Store adds a ton of new improvements. There are now (the all-important) stickers to add some emotion to your conversations. Intelligent location sharing is now possible and you even get a list of sharing suggestions as well. Hangouts users on iOS can now also leave status messages to let friends know what you’re up to. Hangouts can now even tap into your contacts to help you find more of friends on the network.

The latest update is tagged as v2.5.0 has even grown smarter similar to its Android counterpart. The app will prompt you to share your location with a single click when a contact asks you “where are you” meaning that it is reading through your conversation to prompt the right options.

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