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Facebook Updates Windows Phone app With A Couple Of Fixes

The 'Top Stories' section still exists.


While many users hated the new move from ‘Most Recent’ to ‘Top Stories’, it seems Facebook isn’t budging on its decision for now. So it seems from the latest update for the Windows Phone app as well as the social network has simply made a couple of tweaks to the Facebook Beta app.

The new update improves how the News Feed will select which story to display and better detection when new stories are available. Also addressed are issues related to the stories from friends that somehow never show up, duplicate ones that keep re-appearing in the feed and some much-needed stability fixes.

While the Windows Phone app is the one that needs the most fixing compared to iOS and Android, it is indeed the one that Facebook seems to be releasing the most updates for. Well, something or someone seems to be messing up and this is clearly visible from the long list of negative reviews the app receives every time a new update surfaces on the Windows Phone Store.

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