Google Puts Song Lyrics At The Top Of Its Search Results |

Google Puts Song Lyrics At The Top Of Its Search Results

The feature has been rolled-out for US English users, but doesn't seem to be functional in India just yet


Google has now started displaying song lyrics at the top of its search results page when users search for a “song name” plus “lyrics”. The move follows a change Microsoft made to Bing earlier this year that displayed song lyrics on the top of its search page, in an attempt to compete with Google's 'Knowledge Graph'.

The move is great for users looking for song lyrics as it reduces the number of navigational steps, but will likely hit music lyrics sites that have grown in popularity over the past few years. Music lyrics will be the latest addition to 'Knowledge Graph', as the Internet search giant looks to enhance its search results.

Search results on Google now show results of data gathered from a number of sources, including Wikipedia, the World CIA Factbook, Freebase, Google Books, etc. In the case of song lyrics, Google shows a long snippet of lyrics on search, with a link that will take users to Google Play for the full lyrics.

It's a classic case of Google promoting its own services over that of third-party websites. The change was rolled out for US English users last week according to TechCrunch, but seems to be restricted to only certain geographic locations. With no Play Music Store support in India, we expect not seeing the update anytime soon.

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