Uber Wants To Use Biometrics And Lie Detectors To Screen Drivers

As expected, Uber says it's 'turning to technology' to ensure that its passengers are safe


Uber has been sued and even banned for doing little in the way of ensuring passenger safety from unscrupulous drivers. However, the taxi hailing app now claims its working on novel, technology-backed ways of screening and verifying drivers.

"We are initiating research & development on biometrics and voice verification to build custom tools for enhanced driver screening," said Uber in a blog post. The move according to the company will make up for gaps in background check infrastructure around the world.

Apart from driver screening, Uber says its also working on ways to provide passengers with the ability to instantly communicate with loved ones and even the authorities in case of an emergency. The company says this will help it provide “immediate” support when a ride goes horribly wrong.

While investing in technology to improve safety is great, there's a huge gap between what Uber intends and real-world implementation. Lie detectors which the company plans to use during driver verification are known to be inaccurate and tools to alert the authorities will only work if used in time.

Further, the company hasn't shared a particular timeline by when we could see such safety systems implemented. With its service indefinitely banned in the city of Delhi, many expect that the company will move quickly to address driver verification issues, but how successful these measures will be are yet to be seen.

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